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"Health is vitality. Vitality is a will to live and to contribute. It contains an excitement about life. It contains a sense of purpose in life. And it communicates its natural affinity with life to everyone around you. This vitality can be in a body that is strong or in a body that is weak."

"Even the invalid can be radiant with Knowledge. This is vitality."

Marshall Vian Summers.

Ashirwad Hospital, a specialized obstetric, gynecological and surgical care centre is located in Mulund and Bhandup. We are one of those specialized care units in Mulund and Bhandup where specialists are available round the clock. We believe in providing the people with optimal care and follow a much disciplined, methodical approach for the early diagnosis and treatment. With the vast experience that we have gained over year; adjunct of specialized tools and superior technology we provide the people with the best possible treatment abreast the humane touch and warmth which are of utmost importance. The reproductive medicine department has also been successfully involved in blooming people's hearts ever since it has started.

Ashirwad "a blessing" is here to get blessed and bless you all with happiness.

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