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K Dinendra

Thought Leader

Dinendra B. Kadam, not simply a pied piper but a great leader. He plays seductive melodies, conjure up wonderful images, and entice people into following him. His Leadership is different, it calls for keeping a watchful eye on the all activity and making sure everyone understands what must get done.

He has the ability to see around corners—that is, to recognize well in advance what has to be done for the good of the Hospital—so that the company is always leading the Hospital rather than trying to catch up.

He has a passion for problem solving. He has ability to figure out quickly which problems require your attention and which don’t, and then focus relentlessly on getting the big ones solved. He is a person who feels acutely unhappy until a problem is fixed.

He is able to put the Hospital ahead of his ego gratification. Even when situations had made him to be out of spotlight, he had the willingness to do what’s best for the Hospital at any given point. Today, Ashirwad has excelled in its overall services and thanks to him for making it achieve.

He is financially literate in a way that goes beyond accounting. As a leader, he able to use these numbers, not just to understand what has happened but also to help you spot trends, identify problems, and head off trouble before it hits you.

He has a good strategic sense, working well with people, knowing how to delegate, and on and on. He is responsible for the success of the Hospital as a whole.

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