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Values and Virtues

"A good physician is of high descent, well-versed in scripture, having practical knowledge, expert, clean, skillful, self-controlled, well-equipped, having all sense organs normal, knowers' of constitution and course of action."

-Charaka Samhita Su29#7


We seek to do the right thing, always and everywhere and adhere to the medical ethics that emphasizes complete honesty.


We have gained a lot experience over the years in optimizing patient care; however we strive to improve it better and excel in all the services we provide and never stop learning.


"United we stand divided we fall'- a favorite passage of our leader."

The united efforts of our staff with the diversified approach help us to generate ideas and create solutions for optimized patient care.


In Ashirwad hospital, we aim to provide exemplary specialized care with sensitivity to cater to the individuals' needs of our patients and their families. Our mission is to become the best choice hospital, where the patients are most satisfied with the quality of the treatment (which includes physical, emotional and spiritual care) and clinical outcome.

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